Wimco, Inc.
Weaver Industrial Machining Co., Inc.
"Where No Job Is Too Small"

Since 1981

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Map of 5616 Duncanville Rd
Dallas, TX 75236-1910

Office: (972)709-7255
Fax: (972)709-6250
Cell: (817)455-3327

Steve Weaver
Manager of Operations

*1981-2001 Located in Grand Prairie, TX
*Now located in new 5000sq. ft. building in Dallas, TX:

Job Shop Specialist
Custom Machining, Welding &
Fabrication of New or Repairable Parts
(Large or Small)
We Specialize In:
*Repair of Electric Motor Components
(shafts, bearing surfaces, pumps, rotors,
seal surfaces, etc.)
*Water Products (valve stem extensions,
pipe straps, man hole covers, etc.)
*Excavation Parts (pins, bushings, bucket
& compaction repair, line boring, etc. for
all models)

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